3 basic areas of concern for every nutraceutical company

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Nutraceuticals are natural products made from organically grown natural products.  The products are then enhanced pharmaceutically to enhance their effects. This ensures the consumer to get specified remedies for their ailments and boost overall health.

The history of using natural products to help in improving peoples health goes back a long way back in history. The Chinese are very famous for their herbal teas and Indians are known for various spicy remedies for some diseases.

The use of herbal remedies has now taken root in the American society and being sold through a nutraceutical company.

1. Regulations and laws of operation.

Every diet supplement from any supplement manufacturer must follow the rules and regulations under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994

It lays down regulations that enable to watch and monitor how they work. This will also ensure that the products being supplied for consumer consumption are not harmful to users.

This Act has been put into place and manufacturers as well as suppliers have to comply with the regulations. They are always monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The regulations require that the products are:

  • Labeled with all ingredient terms, the quantity used in every dosage, and the parts where extraction was done.
  • It should have a label of certification from the regulatory board to show that it was evaluated and approved for consumption.

The labeling should be done by the supplement manufacturer. The supplier only needs to ensure the packaging has followed the rules and regulations in place.

2. Product Safety.

The supplements must be safe for human consumption. You do not want to supply a product that may cause other illnesses or be poisonous. Dietary supplements are not categorized as drugs. The packaging done by some nutraceutical company can make the supplements look like drugs which they are not. For example some herbs can be compressed into capsules and others ground into powders and compressed into tablets.

3. Regularization of quality standards.

This is an area of concern that the manufacturer has to put to into place to enhance the quality of the product.

There must be a specific standard on how products are processed, produced and packaged. This ensures all productions are made in one specified standard. It creates identity because the consumer can identify a certain standard with a specific manufacturer

The other reason why standardization is important is because there will be no cases of overdosing or under dosage with the consumption of the supplement.

Imagine the case of a protein manufacturer compressing excessive dosages of proteins for a consumer. This can trigger a protein allergy in some people. As a manufacturer you do not want to have a bad reputation your products being harmful to the consumer.

The manufacturer should always have in mind that it is the consumers’ needs that come first before the profits the company needs to make.

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