5 Easy Tips to Follow to Enjoy the Warm Summer Months without Foot Fungus

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An annoying foot fungus can easily grab your feet, particularly during the warmer months, because warmth is very favourable for its growth.

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Why may Summer be Bad for Your Foot?

Summer not only brings high temperatures, but also higher humidity. Also, more people wish to use gyms and public pools in the summer.

Although this is an atmosphere full of excitement, sadly, this is also the most favourable time for the nasty foot fungus.

Foot fungus is not just unpleasant but also unsightly and embarrassing (particularly when you want to wear sandals).

Do you know that what you know as athlete’s foot and which is known as Tinea pedis, commonly spreads in swimming pools and public showers? It can cause cracking and itching of the skin between the toes.

Another unsightly condition is toenail fungus which causes a discoloured, thickened nailbed. It’s quite common and hard to get rid of unless you get toenail fungus treatment from ModPod Podiatry, for example.

Following tips will definitely help you keep your feet healthy and fungus-free this summer.

1. Make Sure about Foot Fungus

When you see something happened to your feet, you naturally try home remedies. If they are not working, it may be a fungal infection which you should make sure by consulting a dermatologist.

Even better is to visit sports podiatry Sydney such as ModPod Podiatry so as to start proper treatment on time.

If you continue using a wrong home remedy, wrongly assuming that it’s just a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, the problem may persist and worsen.

Image Courtesy: modpodpodiatry.com.au

2. Use Foot Powder

It’s very necessary to keep your feet dry all the time so as to avoid providing fungus its ideal breeding ground. In that case, foot powder can be of a great use.

Sprinkle some of it on feet immediately after shower. Although some people like to use cornstarch, medicated powder is always a better option.

3. Keep Your Tools Clean

While visiting a beauty salon for pedicure, you should make sure that the salon is trusted and licensed, and uses sterilised tools.

But even at home, you should keep your tools like nail clippers, scissors and files clean and sterilised. The best way is to rub alcohol on them. Also, don’t forget to avoid sharing them with anyone else.

4. Allow Your Footwear to Air Out

Do you throw your shoes at the back of the shoe rack after returning home from training? If you do, stop that.

Allow your shoes to air out properly. This will prevent the growth of microorganisms in the shoes.

5. Avoid Nail Paint!

If you are a fan of various colours on your nails, but also have a tendency to develop foot fungus, it’s better to avoid nail paint. Or it’s better to avoid fake nails too.

This is because both these cosmetics trap moisture and thereby produce an ideal breeding ground for fungus. You have more chances to steer clear of nail fungus if you learn to live without nail paint.

Follow these tips and enjoy the warm summer months without foot fungus.

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