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Published On September 2, 2017 | By admin | Health

People are almost inclined on prescription drugs on a global basis. Most of the individuals rely on doctors and health professionals for medical help and take medicines as per the given instruction. However, this is not the actual case for all. Some people are forced to take prescription medicines for certain nonmedical reasons, as they are addicted to it. Following this procedure for long will force them to move into the path of medicine dependency and nothing can be done thereafter. Before you move into darkness, it is better to try your hand in using Rebound app and get your life back on track.

Recent statistics and results:

You will be shocked to know that an estimated 6.4 million Americans are reported to be victims of misusing psychotherapeutic drugs, as per NSDUH 2015. It is a terrible number and it keeps on growing at a fast rate. Around half of this rate, which is approximately 3.8 million, is on pain relievers only. Taking too much of painkiller will numb your body parts one after another and can lead to some serious issues later. Rebound app is for that huge number of population, if they are serious enough to halt this norm of misusing prescribed medicines.

Rebound to the rescue:

The unfortunate incident is that not just adults, but youngsters are falling into the shackle of medicine dependency. Some are using cough syrup as drugs as these are available OTC without prescription. Rebound app is an initiative to put a complete halt. A person, who is a victim of medical dependency, will get complete relief through this app. This app is designed to meet individual needs, mainly for those who reached rebound effect. This app helps in defining limit, when you don’t need to take your medicine any longer. If you don’t take medicine more, then being a victim of medical dependency is out of question! Thanks to a small donation, now you can get your Rebound app, located with features. You can visit the Facebook page at Reboundx for details.

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