Buying Online Ed Drugs: What’s The Risk?

Published On April 16, 2018 | By admin | Health

When you search for erectile dysfunction drugs online, you are going to get millions of websites selling them online. You are going to find drugs of well-known names for ED and also going to get alternative drugs which give you the same kind of remedy as promised by their websites.

But are those drugs safe to be purchased online? Experts say that not all online drug pharmacies, regular or alternate, are reliable.

Risks Involved Buying Online ED Drugs

The ED drugs or the herbal ones which you buy online aren’t safe always. The FDA studies say that amongst the online ED drugs sold; only one-third of them have prescription drugs. But some online pharmacy will sell you drugs that don’t even contain the active ingredient. They mostly include things which can harm you or reach when combined with other drugs you are taking.

It is also seen that some drugs are given by the online pharmacies they though carry the active ingredient but wouldn’t contain the right dose in them. This has been tested on Viagra, and they found that some pharmacies sold Viagra of less than 10% of their advertisement strength.

The Main Risks Involving Online Drugs

Online drugs might be counterfeits. It is seen that almost half of all the ED drugs sold online don’t carry the active ingredients; instead they are made from talcum powder, printer ink, and paint. No one would like to put these things in their body.

As per FDA, some products contain harmful ingredients. Some of them are:

  • Actra-Rx
  • Actra-Sx
  • Energy Max
  • Erextra
  • Adam Free
  • Hero
  • Blue Steel
  • HS Joy of Love
  • Libidus
  • Liviro3
  • Lady Shangai
  • Nasutra
  • Naturalë Super Plus
  • Lycium Barbarum L.
  • NaturalUp
  • Neophase
  • Rhino V Max
  • Shangai Ultra
  • Shangai Ultra X
  • Shangai Chaojimengnan or Shangai Regular.
  • Strong Testis
  • True Man
  • V.Max
  • Super Shangai
  • Vigor-25
  • Yilishen
  • Xiadafil VIP tablets (Lots 6K029 and 6K209-SEI only)
  • Zimaxx

Go To Authentic Sites Online and Buy Meds

If someone has Erectile Dysfunction, it is natural for them to search for online treatment and medications because of the privacy issue. Therefore, it is recommended for you to go to the website, and before buying medicines, you should go through the reviews of customers about the site. If there are no reviews, no need to buy for them. If there are negative reviews, avoid them right then. Only purchase from websites with positive reviews for erectile dysfunction treatment.

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