Common Aging Men Health Risk And Problems

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When we talk about a young male, we perceive him as a strong and healthy. The male himself feels this way. He believes that since he’s strong and has great health, he’s invincible. During his prime time, he feels that the health he’s enjoying now, will stay with him forever. However, as he progresses in age, he suffers from various health hazards.

  1. Heart Attack

Heart attacks are the biggest leading cause of the death among human beings. We are not talking about any specific region – we are talking globally. For about 15 years, heart attacks and strokes have been the number medical cause in taking lives.

As a man ages, it is advised not to eat fatty food. A balanced diet and regular exercise disposes off cholesterol which in turn, makes a man healthy.

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  1. Alopecia

Alopecia is commonly known “baldness” A person can either go full bald – lose all his hair or may suffer from “male pattern baldness”

According to research, almost 30% males suffer from baldness when they reach 30 years of age. Although baldness is mostly genetic, if you take care of your remaining hair by eating good food, avoiding sub-standard hair products and cleaning them regularly, they can last a good deal.

The best examples of hair in Hollywood are from Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone. Both have aged significantly but both have their A-game in maintaining their hair.

  1. Alcohol Abuse

People underestimate alcohol. They think of it as a social drink. What they don’t know is that alcohol is the best friend of liver cancer. Almost all your liver diseases are connected with alcohol drinking.

Also, when you drink too much, you start experiencing hallucinations and are unable to differentiate fantasy from reality. In 2015, due to alcohol abuse, about 10,000 people died in United States via DUI (Driving under Influence)

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

With time, the male penis starts becoming flaccid and all that tight elasticity feels like its going away. During sexual intercourse, a male is unable to maintain hardness for a longtime.

  1. Obesity

TNHNES (The National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey) found out that about 97 million people in America are overweight. Being overweight is a health hazard. When you are overweight, it is very likely that substances like cholesterol and insulin may develop an increase in their levels, inside your body.

Junk food invites obesity. Eat a balanced diet and commit towards the path of regular exercise.

  1. Smoking

Cigarettes kill more than 480,000 people each year. You may argue that some people spend all their life smoking and nothing bad ever occurs to them.

Point is, you know it’s wrong and you still do it. You waste your hard earned income on a product, which is loaded with carcinogens. Even if you don’t get to develop a lung cancer, there’s no guarantee that you’ll survive throat cancer or not.

One good tip is quitting smoking is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Quitting smoking doesn’t happen overnight. You need to quit it down, gradually and slowly. Set your own pace. Quit cigarettes one at a time. Exercise is recommended and some drugs like kamagra oral jelly 100mg also help a great deal.



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