Common Myths Associated With Medical Cannabis

Published On July 6, 2018 | By admin | Health

As you already know that Cannabis is a controversial product which is legal in some countries while its illegal in some other countries. If you have grown up in a country where it’s illegal and is ban for distribution, you might be looking for the actual reasons for getting banned.

The science has today disclosed the untold benefits of consuming Cannabis Oil as it is highly effective to pause the growth of cancer and AIDS-like virus in the human body. But still, there are numerous people who take it negatively and hence alert others about its side-effects.

Actually, there are some of the myths that have grown with the passage of time and hence become a vital reason for blocking CBD among the buyers.

Medical Cannabis Makes you High: Before understanding this term, you should note that the major reason that makes you high is the presence of THC. This compound is basically available high in marijuana as compared to hemp plant. If you are consuming medical cannabis, you should always take a look at its ingredients. Basically, there are two major compounds of cannabis Plant i.e. CBD and THC. Both of them affect your CB receptors.

Smoking Medical Cannabis is the Best way to earn Benefits: Well, you should understand that intake of CBD in terms of oil or capsules will take some time to dissolve into your bloodstream and starts working. But in case of smoking, the smoke directly gets into your bloodstream delivering quick results. This is the only reason why smoking is recommended ahead of other options. But still, smoking medical cannabis is recommended only when you are recommended by your physician.

Eating Medical Cannabis is same as Smoking: In terms of results, they both are same. But when we compare them in terms of time taken, smoking cannabis is better as it starts acting within half an hour. Aside from this, eating cannabis tablets/capsules will take 2-3 hours to show results. Else, both of them have same results at the end. You are always prescribed either of the two depending upon your physical condition and the demand of your health issue.

Consuming Medical Cannabis Causes Drug Addiction: Medical cannabis is also called the gateway to the drug. It means if you are consuming medical cannabis, you can stay healthy and stay away from drug addiction. That’s the major reason why you should always take proper prescription before starting your cannabis medication. Numerous doctors have even found that intake of medical cannabis is safer as compared to raw or other derived products.

Smoking Cannabis Harms Your Lungs: There is a huge difference between the smoke of medical cannabis and that of a traditional cigarette. Smoking cannabis doesn’t allow intake of unwanted and harmful additives whereas the normal cigarette will have no such barrier. This the reason why cigarette directly harms your lungs whereas the medical cannabis doesn’t harm your bronchial tunes and keeps you healthy.

So, these are some of the myths related to medical cannabis that you might be having in your mind.

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