Dental Crowns and Bridges Help To Restore Smiles

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Dental Crowns and Bridges Spring TX Residents Love

Getting dental work is a fact of life for most people. Whether now, or in the future, your dentist will probably recommend getting dental crowns or bridges to repair or replace teeth that become damaged over time. These measures are important both for your appearance and for effective chewing. Although individuals often anticipate dental work with some anxiety, these procedures are done thousands of times each day in dental offices all over the country. You can rely on your dentist to provide for your comfort both during and after your dental procedure.

Understanding Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap that is fashioned into the shape of a tooth that fits over the natural tooth to provide greater strength and a better appearance. Dental crowns are usually fitted over teeth that have been damaged, whether by a crack in the tooth or other problem. A crown may be put in when a tooth has a large filling, and there is little natural tooth left. Crowns are also used to cover dental implants that are fixed into the jaw to replace missing teeth.

When You Need A Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are a different type of dental solution. Bridges are designed to “bridge” the gaps caused by missing teeth. They are made of materials such as porcelain, gold or a combination of these. They attached to teeth that are still available on adjacent to the bridge or to dental implants. A bridge can help to stabilize and support remaining teeth and to ensure effective speaking and chewing, in addition to providing an attractive smile.

Beautiful Results that Enhance Your Appearance

Your local dentist can provide dental crowns and bridges Spring TX residents need to enhance their appearance and provide effective chewing for their general health. The dentist will recommend an appropriate option that will suit your individual needs. You can rely on comprehensive care and professional results that will make you feel like smiling again. Call today for an appointment to discuss how dental crowns and bridges can help you look your best.

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