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Menopause is a natural biological phenomenon that all women experience at some point in their lives. In this time, the body goes through various physical changes as it adjusts to fluctuating hormone levels. A lot of women have unpleasant symptoms during menopause, including hot flashes, mood swings, and insomnia. Hair loss is an added common prevalence.

And for who don’t know, menopause is the biological age of women when they go through different physical changes and amongst many changes, the hormonal fluctuation is one of them. With hormonal fluctuation, hair loss becomes inevitable. Different female pattern baldness also starts appearing in the menopause phase. So, how to deal with it?


Hot flashes and mood swings are two facets of menopause. But when the problem of hair loss peeps into women’s lives, most of the women lose their mind. After menopause, more than 40% of women experience rapid hair loss. Unlike men, female pattern baldness is a lot subtler. The low level of oestrogen and progesterone are the main causes behind menopausal hair loss. However, if you are cautious enough, you can battle female pattern baldness easily.

Why hair becomes thinner during menopause: the role of hormones

At the time of pregnancy  you are blessed with a great volume of hair because of the extra production of estrogens and progesterone; the process gets reversed at the time of menopause. Also, the level of male hormone, i.e. androgen increases at the time of menopause which causes many hair follicles to drop as well. Sometimes, instead of androgen, testosterone takes place and start making women’s hair thinner at the time of menopause.

Are hormones the only cause?

In case of female hair loss treatment, people only blame the hormones. But are they the only culprit here? Hormone might be one of the causes why menopause triggers female pattern baldness, but there are other contributing factors as well that comes along the age. Excessive mental stress, depression, thyroid, high diabetes etc. can be other contributing factors to your menopausal hair loss. Thus, the female hair loss treatment during menopause cannot be done just by controlling the hormones; you need to take care of other deficiencies as well.

Mistakes to avoid in the middle of female hair loss treatment

It is of no doubt that female pattern baldness is a sensitive issue. It is not just another cosmetic  problem; rather it can have serious mental effects as well. And the most common mistake women commit is hurrying the process. They do not give enough time to each treatment process. As a result, neither procedure showcases the right result. Also, in the middle of hair loss treatment, you have to extra careful towards to diet; especially, everyone should avoid junk foods and crash diet chart altogether.

No one can ever know everything about female pattern baldness and menopause because the subject itself under research. However, the only key factor during the rough phase of menopause is patience.

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