Five Principles for Drug Rehab  

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The first principle to realize when dealing with drug rehab NJ is that treatment needs to be individualized. In other words, the treatment for drug abuse must be tailored to meet the needs of that specific person. Of course, this also means that some form of treatments may not prove effective for all patients. When treating drug abuse, it is important to utilize a variety of treatment methods for each individual patient and concentrate on the treatment methods that work for that individual. For example, perhaps group therapy is the most effective method for a specific patient.

The second principle to consider when treating drug abuse is that it is important to keep the patient in rehab for an appropriate period of time. This amount of time may vary depending on the severity of the addiction. For the most severely addicted patients, three months is typically the shortest amount of time for them to effectively deal with their drug abuse in a drug rehab NJ facility. Whatever the amount of time, it is critical to heed the doctors’ advice and remain in rehab until the patient is released from the facility. Leaving early may increase the risk of a patient relapsing.

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The third principle to consider is it is important for treatment to be readily available. Since many patients suffering from drug addiction are uncertain about pursuing treatment, barriers to obtain that treatment can prevent their addiction from being treated effectively. There is also an element of time involved with this. Similar to many other chronic diseases, the likelihood of effective treatment increases the sooner the patient undergoes treatment. Therefore, patients suffering from drug addiction should be encouraged to seek treatment as soon as possible.

The fourth principle to keep in mind is effective treatment is not limited to just treating the drug addiction itself. There are typically other factors at play, including psychological, legal, social and more. Effective treatment must solve these issues as well, since they are linked to the drug addiction. Sometimes, vocational training is useful for rehabilitation in order to help patients reenter the work force and maintain a steady job. Other times, legal counsel may be necessary in order for the treatment to succeed.

The fifth principle is that many patients suffering from drug addiction also have other mental disorders. Other mental disorders regularly happen in conjunction with drug addiction and it is important to identify these disorders as well as the specific type of drug addiction. Testing patients for these disorders is a good idea in order to ensure a complete treatment plan. If other mental disorders are discovered, treating them as well as the drug addiction will improve the patient’s overall health and likely help them on the road to recovery.


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