Hair transplant techniques

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Hair transplant becomes very popular techniques to overcome from your hair loss and baldness problem which is very common in youngsters. Some hair techniques are more popular like FUE hair transplant Technique, Follicular Unit Transplant and these are also called primary techniques for hair transplantation which is currently used by Hair transplant Punjab. Some advanced and popular techniques are listed here with their benefits and procedures

Body hair transplant to head:

In this hair follicle is harvested from the scalp donor area by using FUE techniques. This follicle is mostly done from the beard area, abdomen, and chest. Some surgeon mainly used beard area because they are thick and gives the better results.

Combo techniques:

Hair transplantation is done by the combinations of these two techniques like FUT with FUE and FUE with BHT. When two techniques are combined for the hair restoration and harvest a number of hair follicles then they give the effective result and remove the baldness early.

FUE Hair Transplant techniques:

This procedure is more popular because there is no linear cut and no sutures are put after the surgery and In the FUE techniques each follicular unit taken individually from the scalp with no strip tissue being removed. Hair follicles are removed in a random way and the results are less donor area and many say that is not noticeable. Thus the main difference between FUE and FUT. No stitching and no linear scar required to heal. The FUE procedure heals faster and less post procedure discomfort as compare to FUT.FUE procedure mainly used for small cases, but at this time it is also used for large cases.

FUT hair Transplant techniques:

FUT procedure involving small hair tissue removal from the back sides of the head from which the donor hair follicle will be extracted. Skilled Surgeon team is harvesting hair follicles from the strip before being individually transplanted to the recipient areas. It is mostly preferred by the surgeon because surgeon fully utilizes the scalp area to give the consistent results and also fulfill the customer expectations. FUT allows the greatest number of grafts to be transplanted in a single session.

In FUT, Patient discomfort is very high due to more swelling in the area where strip tissue was removed and this method has very basic recovery period and also managed by physicians. And the results of this method are very narrow linear scar in the back of the head (typically 1mm in diameter or less in size).

HIS Treatment (Hair Stem cell transplantation):

It is very unique and incomparable technique. The results are very personal, determined by hair color. This method does not remove the entire hair follicle. Instead of many stem cells are left in the donor area to stimulate to regrowth and restoration.

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