HCG Diet Program Review

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Do you have weight problem? Do you want to get better body shape? Actually, there is easy solution you can use, which is trying diet program. Nowadays, you can find many different types of diet program. Each of them offers the best method to lose your weight and give you better body shape and appearance. One of diet program that promise that kind of result is HCG Diet program.

HCG Diet Program

HCG Diet program is created by Albert T.W. Simeonsm. He see it by using HCG hormone with the less calories diet, it will accelerate the time you need to lose your weight. In HCG Diet program, you need to take HCG hormone supplement as well as doing 500 calories a day diet. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is hormone that was created naturally by your body to protect the embryo. This hormone has specific function, which is to neutralize the testosterone hormone level. For pregnant mother, the high level testosterone hormone will only weakened the fetus and harm your baby life. Therefore, by producing this hormone, your body will produce enough progesterone for keeping your baby healthy with the help of HCG hormone.

The usage of the HCG hormone outside that purpose was allowed in the past. However, it will need strict watch from doctor or medical professional.  But, the usage of HCG hormone is forbidden today. Many sports organization also classify it as the illegal drug. More than that, FDA also did the same, especially for HSG Diet program.

Why HCG Diet Program is bad for Your Health?

The first reason is the 500 calories diet program in HCG Diet program. It said that by cutting the amount of calories that you take a day, it can force your body to burn more fats. However, with only consuming that low amount of calories, it can only bring bad effect for your body. Low calories means you will avoid many kinds of foods. And, each of those foods that you avoid has lot of nutrition that your body need. So, by not eating those foods, your body will have malnutrition problem. And, it can harm your body and your health condition as whole. If you use this diet program for longer period of time, it can even harm your life. With this kind of effect, FDA has decided that this diet program is dangerous and should be avoided. More than that, they have banned all brands that use diet program as its product. If you still can find the HCG diet program on the store, we can say that is illegal product. You need to avoid it to prevent more problem on your body as well as problem with the law.

The Negative Effect

Malnutrition is one of many negative effects you can get from using HCG Diet program. However, there are many other negative effects that many people who used this diet program experienced. One of them is losing muscle mass. This is reasonable because your body doesn’t get the amount of energy it needs to operate normally. Therefore, your body will search for another source of fuel to produce energy. Without doing this method, you won’t be able to do any activities and always feel tired and fatigued. The source of energy that your body will use is your muscle. Your body muscle has lot of protein that can be turned into energy. So, your body will take your muscle tissue, which will reduce its mass. When your muscle loses its mass, it will also lose its strength. Therefore, you also won’t be able to do normal activities.

Other negative effect is high blood pressure, nausea, cramp, and other health problem. The common effect of using HCG Diet program is the difficulty in maintaining your weight. Once you use it, there are some cases where many people lose their weight. However, once they stop the diet program, their weight will return. This will force them to use HCG Diet program for much longer time. If you keep doing and using this diet program, your malnutrition problem will become even worst. Now, you can imagine how bad it will be, if your body keeps in this condition for long time, isn’t it? Yes, you will get more health problem and in the end, it can harm your life. This is also the reason why this HCG Diet program is not good diet for you.

18Shake Diet Program

The solution is using other diet program. One of good diet programs you can use is 18 Shake Diet program. Like its name, this diet program replaces your meal with healthy shake. And, it also doesn’t limit your daily calories intake at 500 calories. So, you don’t need to worry about malnutrition problem. 18Shake Diet program also use stimulant-free diet pill, which isn’t like other diet pill. This diet pill doesn’t have stimulants, artificial color and flavors, and other ingredient that can harm your health. With this property, you don’t need to worry for being addicted by this diet program. You can still use it and stop it when it’s necessary or after you reach your goal.

This diet program also has many benefits you can get. It can improve your metabolism; therefore your body will burn fats faster. More than that, it also can improve your mood, which will help you to get best result from it. And from customer point of view, 18Shake Diet program also ahs full 30 days money back returns policy. So, you don’t need to worry when you spend your money to get this diet program.


So, if you have weight problem and want to have better body shape, you know what kind of diet program that you should use. HCG Diet program is definitely not the best choice. It can only give you negative effect that is also not good for your health. 18Shake Diet program is much better. It’s safe to consume, plus it give you better result. And, if you combine it with routine exercise, you will get the ideal weight and body shape that you want.

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