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Published On July 25, 2018 | By Rachael T. Campbell | Health

Self-care is critical but when was the last time you took out time to improve your body by stretching and exercising or calm your anxious mind or just peeped inside your inner self and tried to know yourself better? In the urban mess, we generally forget to give time to the most important person in our lives that is our self. Come here to us at N. State St. and work out on yourself for yourself through our health-centered yoga classes. The poses or the asana and exercises taught aim to provide a holistic approach to all the problems like weight gain/loss, inflexibility, low-level endurance and stamina, inability to concentrate and memorize, spiritual upheaval, etc. Our friendly and highly attentive teachers shall help you practice yoga most accurately by understanding you and your body.

Our classes are open to all irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, etc. We have three category courses to choose from, first being basic where we teach stretching and breathing exercises generally for the starters. The second is Flow and Hot Yoga wherein we teach yoga in a higher temperature room, and the third is Power Yoga which is for those who are highly well acquainted and practiced. Other than these we have teachers who conduct training programmes in boot camps. To know more visit our website

Come to show your body and yourself some love and join us in the beautiful and essential process of self-love and care. We are sure that you will notice changes not just in your body but also in your entire self because as we say :

“An apple a day in the mad city of Chicago might not be enough anymore to keep the doctor away but a hobby like yoga day from Gold Coast Studio will surely keep not just the doctor along with other negative things away.“

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