Hearing Aid Repairs: Hearing Aid Myths Debunked

Published On January 17, 2019 | By admin | Health

An estimated 48 million people in America suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss cuts across gender, race, and age. Hearing loss can be mild or chronic, temporary or permanent depending on the cause of the loss. If you’re already an enthusiast of hearing aids, then you need to do everything possible to keep it in top shape. If it gets damaged, go for hearing aids repairs help immediately. There are many myths about hearing conditions hence many people shy away from treatment.  If you’re still in doubt about consulting an audiologist, read through the myths below to help correct the notions you have about the use of hearing aid.

Myth: Delaying treatment for hearing loss isn’t a big deal

This is a very bad misconception by many that ignoring hearing condition doesn’t pose any real threat to hearing ability except for the temporary hearing loss. The fact is that prolonged delay of treatment could impair hearing ability which could result in permanent hearing loss. It should be noted that permanent hearing loss cannot be remedied by the use of hearing aid. This is why it is important to seek early treatment from a professional.

Myth: My hearing loss is hopeless.

Technology has evolved, there is a rise in the number of updated hearing aids produced to suit even the most complex of hearing problems. Once you consult an audiologist, after a series of tests, a suitable hearing aid will be recommended, and you will surely notice the improvement in your hearing ability.

Myth: Hearing aids are large and visible

In time past, hearing aids are usually large and visible. But that has changed over time; hearing aids are now designed to be stylish, portable, and classy. You could choose your preferred hearing aid that suits your style.

Myth: Hearing aids make people look old.

The use of hearing aid has nothing to do with looks or age. Hearing loss can affect people of all ages including young and old. So the use of hearing aid doesn’t make you look any older than you are. Hearing aids are now made to be portable and almost invisible to public view. A typical example is the completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids. They are so tiny and not easily visible.

It is better to use a hearing aid to enhance your hearing ability rather than having to ask people around you to repeat statements directed at you. This will make you look odd and uninteresting to discuss with.

Myth: Wearing two hearing aids is unnecessary.

Two hearing aids may be necessary to ensure binaural (two-eared) hearing except your audiologist states otherwise. Consult your audiologist before investing in hearing aid.

Myth: My hearing loss isn’t that bad, so I don’t need a hearing aid.

Do not conclude that your hearing loss isn’t bad until you see an audiologist. If you notice that you hardly hear people when they talk to you or you have been told to reduce the volume of the TV severally, then you should see an audiologist to ascertain the true situation of your hearing ability. Some hearing loss may seem mild at the early stage only for it to deteriorate. So it’s better to do consult an audiologist before assuming your hearing loss isn’t bad.

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