Houston Bariatric Surgery: Know Your Qualifying Criteria

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Houston Bariatric Surgery: Know Your Qualifying Criteria

If you are living in Houston, Texas, you might have already come across advertisements regarding weight loss surgeries on local newspapers or online media. You might be wondering whether you should consult a surgeon, especially if you are an obese person. After all, obesity is like a curse for most of us; from high school bullying to reduced stamina, obesity harms us in numerous ways and, in most cases, the repercussions are grievous in nature. But you should know the qualifying criteria before visiting a Houston bariatric surgery clinic, since being obese alone does not automatically qualify you for such weight reduction procedures.

Check your BMI:

BMI or body mass index is an excellent tool for measuring the overall obesity status of an individual. If you have a BMI under 18.5 you will most likely be considered as underweight. On the other hand, if your BMI exceeds 30 you will be considered as overweight, and if that exceeds 40, then you will be referred to as “morbidly obese,” and in all honesty, you are at serious risk of obesity-related hazards. But an excellent candidate for weight reduction surgeries should have BMI between 35 and 40 unless he or she is suffering from other co-morbid conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. In that case, a person with type 2 diabetes mellitus might be fit for such surgeries even with a BMI of 30-35.

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Make sure of your mental well-being:

An average person without proper medical knowledge might think that obesity must be directly related to the amount of food taken. Nothing can be further from the truth! In fact, obesity depends on a whole host of other medical conditions such as your mental wellbeing. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or if are used to substance abuse such as alcohol, or if you smoke regularly, then these surgical procedures might be of little benefit to you. Hence, before consulting a Houston bariatric surgery clinic, consult a psychiatrist first. It should be your priority.

Age is an important factor:

Physicians often ask patients of extremes of age, such as below 18 years of age or over 65 years, to refrain from going through such rigorous and exhaustive surgical procedures. After all, if you do not benefit from such surgeries then what is the point in going for it!

Lastly, Donot ignore significant medical histories:

If you are willing to reduce your weight through surgery, physicians will most likely take the history of your previous medical conditions. If you are suffering from some sort of bleeding disorder, nutritional deficiencies or liver diseases, then those diseases might interfere with your long-term prognosis or might get worsened as a direct consequence of such surgeries. Furthermore, do a complete blood count and other preoperative tests in order to make sure that you are fit for bariatric surgeries. If everything turns out to be normal, you can consult your surgeon.


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