Importance of Rules and Nutritious Diet for a Boxer

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Boxing has evolved as a sport with passage of time. The sport has become the most popular sport with time. A majority of people have started to watch the sport with great enthusiasm. However, the game did not have any rules in the beginning. Moreover, the first match was recorded in the year 1681, almost three centuries ago. No game could survive that long without any rules to govern the game and the players. The first ever rules were introduced almost 60 years after the first recorded boxing-match in 1743.

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Rules of the match

The first rules introduced in the match were, in event of the boxer falling down and unable to continue fight for more than stipulated 30-second count, the opponent boxer would be declared as winner for that match. Later, in 1866, the rule of 3-minute round was introduced along with boxing gloves made compulsory for the fighters. The mouth guard become necessity as safety feature for the boxer. However, with the boxing evolving with passage of time, techniques and strategies also became important to win a bout. More than that, the physical fitness of the boxer became an imperative aspect for the boxer. Boxing matches were organized according to the weight of the boxer.

Training and nutrition

Any boxer preparing for a bout would be required to undergo rigorous training and have a nutritious diet. It would help the boxer remain healthy and physically fit for the fight. The diet of the boxer would be imperative for keeping them healthy and in shape. The boxer would be required to include protein and plenty of liquid in their diet. However, a number of boxers have introduced additional supplements in their diet. Additional supplements would be inclusive of protein shakes and bars. These would be able to enhance the physical fitness and strength of the boxer.

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