Kent Vegetable Purifier: Eliminate Pesticides from Fruits and Veggies with the Revolutionary Ozone Technology

Published On August 31, 2017 | By admin | Food & Recipe

Kent is one of the leading companies in home appliances category. Each of Kent’s products is leader in its own segment and so is Kent’s vegetable purifier. There are various features and advantages of having a Kent Vegetable Purifier in your kitchen arsenal. Here are a few of the most important features and advantages of the revolutionary vegetable washing machine:

  • A Very Homey and Compact Design:

Kent Table Top Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner is one of the most compact vegetable cleaners in the market. It has a very sleek, trendy and compact look and feel and is a huge space saver. This feature makes it the best vegetable cleaner that can be kept on a counter top. You can keep it right beside your other kitchen appliances, use the cleaner and directly cook the vegetables after that.

  • Uses a Revolutionary Technology of Ozone Disinfection:

Ozone is a known disinfectant. It is one of the best oxidizing agents and deadly to all kinds of pathogens. Ozone can completely kill fungi, viruses, bacteria and all the other kinds of pathogens that are present in food items. Therefore, with Kent Vegetable Purifier, you don’t have to worry about any kind of food borne diseases. Your family will be safe from all sorts of diseases that are caused by pathogens that travel via food.

  • Can Be Used to Clean Frozen Sea Food and Meat Items As Well:

Kent’s Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner doesn’t just clean up pathogens and impurities from fruits and vegetables but can also be used to clean up frozen food. Frozen food generally has lots of chemicals and antibiotics to keep the meat and sea food fresh. This is harmful for the human body and regular tap water washing doesn’t remove all the impurities. There is always some residue of these antibiotics and chemicals. With the help of ozone disinfection, this Kent product also cleans up the residual antibiotics and chemicals from the sea food and meat’s surface.

  • Maintains Food Items’ Freshness for Longer Periods:

One of the best parts about this purifier is that the food items that are cleansed using this product have a higher shelf life. Food items have hormones on the surface that deteriorate them a lot quicker than they generally should. This vegetable purifier uses ozone disinfection technology to eradicate those hormones from the surface of the food.  This way, the food items stay fresh for a longer periods of time and the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables also increase.

  • No Filters and Ozone Cylinders Required:

This sophisticated technology from Kent doesn’t require any other added consumable to function. Ozone can be produced without any kind of external cylinder or filter for this product. The oxygen that is present in the atmosphere is used to make the required ozone for the job and the ozone breaks down almost instantly due to its highly volatile nature. Therefore, it is again converted to harmless oxygen as soon as the cleansing is done. As ozone is automatically generated, replacement or service of parts isn’t required with this ozone vegetable and fruit purifier.

As you can see, Kent’s Table Top Vegetable and Fruit Purifier has lots of uses and it is clearly better than any of its other contenders. It is a simple and effective cleaner for all your food items, making it an essential part of your kitchen appliance collection.

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