Knowing Symptoms of 3 Common Health Conditions

Published On October 18, 2018 | By admin | Health

The list of diseases continues to expand, and it is often hard to understand conditions, given that some of the symptoms can be so similar. Knowing connect symptoms can help in accurate treatment, and to help with that, we bring three common conditions with symptoms, in association with straight stairlifts provider Acorn Stairlifts.  


Without going into the prognosis and treatment, it is safe to say in brief that arthritis affects the joints and may affect a person’s ability to get around. Arthritis cannot be cured, but can be slowed down with early medical intervention. Patients suffering from arthritis usually suffer from stiffness in the morning, which can last for hours. There can be inflammation in the joints, and patients may find that their range of motion has decreased, besides obvious pain in the joints. This can be accompanied by low fever.

Breast cancer

Counted as the most common form of cancer in the US, breast cancer is detectable and treated. While breast cancer concerns women, men can be detected with it too. Changes in either of the breasts is often seen as the first symptom. Some of the tissues may seem to thicken, and you may have pain. Shape and size may change too. There can be some discharge from the nipple, which may or may not include blood, and the nipple size may change. However, just lumps don’t necessarily mean one has breast cancer.


Dementia is usually considered to be age-related, but this is a progressive disorder that affects the brain and reduces its function. Dementia cannot be cured, so early detection is necessary to prevent progression. The most common symptom is memory loss and inability to concentrate. Confusion with daily activities and inability to manage certain chores is common. Dementia may seem similar to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, so if someone you know is having memory loss, seems confused, has trouble continuing conversations, or keeps asking irrelevant questions, insist them to see a doctor.

Medical help is available for most of these diseases, and it is possible to treat and minimize the symptoms. Don’t delay in seeking doctor’s advice, especially when symptoms seem similar.

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