Memory Care Facilities in San Antonio, Texas

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When a family member is suffering from any form of dementia, other family members take care of the affected person the best way they can. To make this task easy, there are memory care facilities in San Antonio Texas to help in caring for your loved one. These facilities specialize in using different techniques to help individuals with dementia.

Different Levels of Memory Care

Caring for a dementia patient is not an easy task especially in its moderate or late stage. Alzheimer’s and dementia are progressive diseases that require a different level of care. During the early stages of dementia, family and friends can render assistance to their loved one at home. These kinds of assistance include cooking, laundry, shopping and so on. As mentioned earlier, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that totally deteriorates a person’s cognitive abilities. In other words, the person’s ability to carry out daily activities totally diminishes. He/she will need help with personal hygiene such as bathing and dressing.

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Respite Care

During the early stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia, family members may decide to care for their loved one at home. However, it becomes more demanding as time passes. The best option is to go with the best memory care facilities in San Antonio, Texas. The right caregiver service to go with is one with experience and skills in memory care. They should also have qualified staff to provide medical care. There are two forms of respite care. Namely;

(a) In-home caregivers: This form of respite care offers their services in the home of the dementia patient.

(b) Adult day care services: This is another form of respite care that specializes in caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia in a secured facility outside the home. There are a lot of competent adult day care in San Antonio, Texas

When Memory Care Is Needed

Forgetfulness comes with old age. As one gets older some of the brain cells are affected and as a result forgetfulness sets in. It could start with misplacing house keys or even forgetting the route to your house. When forgetfulness starts to interfere with your daily activities then, it’s time to consult your doctor. Avoid procrastination and take prompt action. In some cases, your healthcare provider will prescribe medication to slow or eradicate the disease.

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