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Most of the people in this world even don’t care much about their sciatic nerve. This nerve is one of the most important nerves of your body as it carries all the signals, sensations, and feeling from your spine to the brain to legs. But when this nerve is pinched or receives some kind of pressure upon it, then it provides you with pain that is quite noticeable. So, if you are suffering from constant sciatic pain, then it is best that you should contact complete pain care to get the relief that you may want.

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An introduction to Sciatica

Sciatica is a pain that is caused by lumbar disc protrusion or contraction of the piriformis muscles located in the lower butt, back and back of the leg which makes it really difficult for you to walk, run or sit. This is the largest nerve that is located in the human body and is present on each side of the body. These nerves run from your lower spine to your toes, show a small pressure upon these nerves can cause lots of pain as well as make it difficult for you to do your daily activities. This issue is common with most of the people, but the chances of sciatica increases with the increasing age. Sitting for longer period of time or unusual exertion can lead to sciatic nerve pain in your body.

Treat your sciatica

There are many treatments available using which you can treat yourself from sciatic pain. There are many surgical as well as non surgical treatments available using which you can do it yourself. The doctor can provide you with drugs which are effective in treating yourself from sciatica. You can also apply heat or rise up on the area where you are feeling constant pain. Epidural steroid injections can also be used to get the relief as well as reduce the inflammation.


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