Popular weight loss supplements for men

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We generally assume that weight loss is a female thing and that men prefer to build their frames. Theywant to gain body mass and bulk up, converting this newly acquired weight into toned muscle. But there are many approaches to a beautiful body, and sometimes, a man may want to shed excess fat so that his well-defined muscles can show through.

Some of the popular areas include his gut, his hips, or his arms. He may want to get rid of his wattle so that he can flex his triceps and biceps. Stubborn tummy fat can often camouflage washboard abs. And he can’t display his ‘man-cleavage’ if his v-dip is covered in muffin tops.

Other times, a man may simply need to shed kilos for health reasons, or for a more specific purpose, like a social event, a work assignment (or a movie role). Either way, diet and exercise have to be combined for effective weight loss, and diet includes supplements. These supplements can be consumed as pills, powders, shakes, or herbal remedies.

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Weight-loss supplements follow three main patterns, sometimes in multiple combinations. They can reduce your appetite, which makes you eat less, resulting in fewer calories and less stored fat. They can catalyse your body to burn more fat, both during exercise and at rest.

Finally, they can reduce your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients, especially fat. These nutrients then pass through the body and exit unabsorbed, possibly undigested. This means there are fewer excess sugars that can be converted and stored as fat.

It’s this excess fat that leads to weight gain, so eliminating it does two things. One, it keeps you from getting heavier, and two, it prompts your body to use already stored fat as an energy source, which then reduces your overall weight. Below are a few examples of popular weight-reduction solutions.

Male 29-39 Weight Luoss Stack 2

It’s always a good idea to tackle a problem from multiple angles, and that’s what this weight stack aims to do. We’ve already looked at the three ways our bodies shed weight. This tri-product combination utilises all of them. It starts with Cellucor Cor Whey 2LB, which contains a 25g dose of protein isolate.

This filling powder minimises your hunger pangs and has added digestive enzymes to speed up your body’s breakdown of nutrients. If food passes through your body faster, some calories may get to your excretory system before your body has time to absorb them, which results in fewer excess sugars to convert and store as fat.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy offers an energy boost and supports muscle building. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. It helps your body to synthesise nitric oxide and blends multiple amino acids including glutamine, citrulline, and methionine. It also contains weight-loss extracts like green tea, caffeine, and green coffee.

The third component of this stack is Cellucor C4 Ripped, a fat burning product loaded with L-Carnitine and extracts from green coffee beans. Both these items are known to stimulate the breakdown of fat and fatty acids into energy, a direct factor in weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

There’s a funny story about how amarula was discovered when a brewer saw elephants staggering in the savannah. He followed them around and found a shrub they were feeding on. Its fruit seemed to make them drunk. So when a plant is discovered to aid weight loss, you have to wonder how it was spotted…

That said, just because a product is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it works. Garcinia Cambogia shot to fame when Dr. Oz profiled it on his show. Subsequent studies have shown it to be no less effective than a placebo, though other users have lost two pounds over a period of multiple weeks, meaning it has barely discernible results.

The power of this small, green, pumpkin-shaped fruit is in its skin. This skin is rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which reduces cravings, increases serotonin, and inhibits the enzyme that converts excess glucose into stored fat. Garcinia Cambogia pills are well-known because of their Dr.Oz cameo, and have no known side effects, though some users complain of mild problems in the digestive tract.

Hydroxycut Zero Isolate Protein + Weight Loss Formula

Hydroxycut Zero is a high protein powder that’s low in fats and sugars. It contains fat-burning agents like L-carnitine, L-tartarte, powdered yacon roots, and extracts from green tea and white mulberry leaves. Its intense protein punch promotes lean muscle growth, and its herbal extracts minimise the body’s absorption of consumed fats.

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