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Have you ever been in an emergency room deep into the night? Did you see the demands put upon the medical staff to attend to patients in critical need? During this time, you may have to wait for a long time to be attended but a healthcare professional may view it as a chance to examine and improve the patient’s experience.

To raise the standards of the patient experience, the government has provided different resources for healthcare educators, which have led to a change in their approach to some things. For instance, students at the Master’s in Health Systems Management program were invited to the emergency room of the Rush University Medical Center to bring their insight and it became the center of their course. This was the first time a course at graduate level funneled its effort towards improving patient experience.

During this time, it became clear to the students that what we take emergency room experience as is not actually the case. Students thought it would be a better gesture to patients if a staff member would inform those waiting in the emergency room why it is taking too long to provide medical services, or perhaps the information being displayed on a screen rather than being kept in the wait for long.

The new resources for healthcare educators in the university would help make the course feel the same to all the students by having it centered on common experiences. The assistant professor at Rush University, Francis Fullam, saw it wiser to have students on the same setting, which would create a link between them rather than having them on different settings.

Some of the methods that were already in use at the emergency room such as the use of medical scribes to help document patient visits and freeing physicians for more interactions with the patients were still recommended by some patients. The architecture of the ER was also under scrutiny with students advocating for a separate room for children and adults. Some of the recommendations by students were based on patient feedback as well as observation by the students themselves. The resources for healthcare educators are very important.

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