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This unbiased Testofen review will discuss the handcrafted all-natural supplement for men. As we all know, testosterone is one hormone that is incredibly beneficial for men. Not only does it improve their overall well-being, it also enhances their sexual drive. However, as they get older, their testosterone levels may plummet and affect their sexual health. Understanding what is at stake, medical exemptions when it comes to testosterone replacement is on the rise. One of them is Testofen.

In order to help men experience their lives as it once was, testosterone replacement is able to give them back the edge. Specifically crafted using an all natural materials such as fenugreek seeds, Testofen has offers incredible results. All without the nasty side effects such as extreme hormone shift. There is another benefit claims regarding Testofen’s capability in helping weight loss. This may come off as a surprise to some, more so when there is little to no correlation between sexual drive and weight loss.

What is it?

Testofen contains of a patented extract blend which comprises of 50-percent fenugreek seed extracts. It was initially intended to increase testosterone and muscle mass in men. Not only that, it also helps men optimizing their sexual relationships, and also help maximize their sexual vigor. Fenugreek seed extracts is known to be more potent and powerful than consuming it straight from the fenugreek plant itself. While we can vouch for this supplement blend. Many are not aware about the benefits of fenugreek.

Fenugreek seeds have long been considered as one of the most useful plants. It has been used in edibles, it has also been used in ancient remedies. In Testofen, the plant itself serves as a compound that helps people live a healthier life. A cure, if you will. However, that is not the only purpose it has to offer. The extracts of fenugreek seeds is not only believed to have healing power, it’s also believed to have the ability to effectively work itself into the consumers’ diet.

The biggest allure when it comes to Testofen is undoubtedly its ability to enhance men sexual prowess. Being an all natural product, its safety aspect is not to be questioned. However, it’s worth noting that the extract is much more potent when compared to the seeds itself. The original company which created the product has sold the patent to other brands, however the fact that the product itself has gone numerous studies performed in humans and animals make us sure of its efficiency.

Does Testofen really work?

The manufacturer of this product has conducted studies involving 60 individuals to prove that their formula is indeed working properly. This Testofen review has gone through several of their studies and from that, we are capable of listing three of the most possible links and benefits.:

  • Gradual increase in natural testosterone levels
  • Enhanced immune system functions
  • Weight loss

Are you considering using Testofen for weight loss particularly? While on paper these claimed benefits seem tempting. It’s worth noting that Testofen is not a diet pill. So while it has the ability to aid in weight loss, those who are looking to take it as diet pills may have to take with cautions. In terms of weight loss, Testofen has also been tested and proven as safe and effective.

Testofen dosage and ingredients

Every single company in business must have their own standards regarding the product and how the business must be run. Every creator of a great product will undoubtedly patent their innovations. This is not something one can do out of the blue, the product must have gone a rather lengthy research and testing. This also applies to proper dosing. Manufacturers does  come with its own suggestion after going through a myriad of processes.

However, everyone has their own different health condition that may make proper manufacturer dosing too much. The right dosing for you is the one that perfectly fits your needs and your health condition. For instance, for those who have Type 2 Diabetes, the dosing must be about 50 gram in one sitting. Simply because less than 50 gram will not give them the health benefits that you they looking for. This is the reason why  consulting with your medical practitioner before taking the supplement.

How about its efficiency though? Does it come with side effects as well? When it comes to side effects, being an all natural supplement comes with a set of side effects and advantages of its own. It becomes our job to find out all about these side effects before we decide on taking it. This Testofen review  compiles many of the following side effects from various reviews.

  • Bloating and upset stomach.
  • Nausea.
  • Coughing.
  • Diarrhea,
  • Facial swelling due to some type of allergic reactions.
  • Lower blood sugar levels.

With the aforementioned complaints and side effects, readers are now able to determine what they must expect when taking it. They will also be able to quickly do something about it when the adverse reactions appear. Despite a long list of possible side effects, it’s worth noting that there is virtually no serious complications. When the side effects flare up, it typically happens to those who are allergic to soybean. Yes, the fact that fenu greek seeds are from the same category of soybean says a lot.


Testofen may offer a myriad of different health claimed benefits. With its unique ingredient blend, it may seem that the supplement is hard to pass up. Fenugreek seeds extract itself does indeed come with several interesting and incredibly unique qualities. However, we cannot deny that when it comes to supplement, its effectiveness and usefulness become two of the most important aspect. So is it actually useful and effective?

Unfortunately, there are not enough information that supports any of Testofen’s claims. At the very least, consumers may expect modest changes. This is not only backed up by negative reviews, but also several lawsuits the company has been embroiled in for the past few years. For that reason, we suggest consumers to look for better and scientifically proven product as alternative. We truly hope this Testofen review  helps clear confusion.

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