The Advantage of Premier Research Labs Supplements for Your Nutritional Needs

Published On August 8, 2018 | By admin | Health

Many modern consumers depend on nutritional supplements to provide added health and wellness benefits. These products range from being very effective to having no effect at all, and because supplements aren’t regulated, people often have no real way of beng certain of their purity. There are plenty of fly-by-night supplement suppliers who sell products that are full of chemical fillers that have very little active ingredients. If you’re interested in adding supplements to your wellness routine, you should choose a supplier with a good reputation for quality and transparency.

Here’s why today’s consumers can depend on Premier Research Lab supplements:


We use pure ingredients rather than chemical fillers in every single supplement that we manufacture and sell. We produce everything in capsule form instead of tablets. Tablets contain toxic substances as binding agents, including calcium and magnesium stearates and silicon dioxide.

State-of-the-Art Packaging

Supplements sometimes get ruined quickly after they’re purchased as a result of faulty or substandard packaging. Those that contain fatty acids, for instance, may go rancid if they are exposed to a certain amount of light. Our patent-pending VioletTM packaging completely blocks the range of light that breaks down fats and causes them to turn rancid. We also use induction sealing to ensure optimal freshness of all products.

The Use of Top-Grade Raw Materials

All Premier Research Labs supplements are made from raw materials of the best available quality. We use the latest technology in the form of a photoluminescence device that thoroughly screens all incoming raw material so that we can quickly remove anything that doesn’t live up to our high standards. Other supplement companies, on the other hand, routinely accept substandard raw materials and often don’t even make an attempt to screen it at all. We also work only with raw material suppliers who use high levels of production standards to ensure top-quality end results — and they know that if we find that their products don’t measure up, we’ll return them for a refund. We also go beyond typical lab testing that only concentrates on a limited number of phytonutrients.

High Production Standards

We don’t stop at simply testing raw ingredients, however. Our production standards are among the highest in the supplement business, with quality control involved in every detail to ensure that the best possible results. We never compromise the health or safety of our customers simply to produce our products more cheaply.

Please feel free to contact our staff at Premier Research Labs Supplements for more information on our commitment to providing with pure supplements in superior packaging that are tested with the most recent technology.

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