Tips to get fake pregnancy papers without being caught

Published On August 14, 2017 | By admin | Health

In the present age, you do not have to worry about getting a leave because there are a variety of fake doctor notes available in the market. However, most of them are not authentic which means that you might get caught.

So if you want to reduce the risk rate and make sure that you will get the approval here we have the tips to get fake pregnancy papers.

1-Realistic Doctor

You have to keep in mind that your boss will know whether you are using the name of the fake or real doctor. So make sure that you use the name of a realistic doctor or it should be the one serving humanity near you. You have to properly prepare and gather the information required for this purpose. It is important that you select the doctor that is specialized in this field. It should be a gynecologist.

2-The Cause should be viable

Pregnancy is one of the most viable causes that can be utilized by the ladies. The reason is that when you will submit the report from the gynecologist than no one will be suspicious. However, you have to consider the following points:

  • Make sure that the reason of your complication in pregnancy does not sound fake
  • It has to be a simple cause like stress or blood pressure that makes it hard for you to work
  • You can look for many complications online that will help make it easy for to describe your condition.

3-Get help

One of the best things that you can do is to get the help from others. The reason is that many doctors use the plain printable paper or the templates that have spaces to be filled. So getting the help from other is the best option as the boss will surely recognize your handwriting.

You can also train yourself to write in several fonts if you want one to know about the fake paper. In order to get the approval, it is important that the fake note and paper are 100% perfect. You have to keep in mind that authorities will pay special attention towards the writing so be careful.

4-Doctor’s information

As you are delivering a fake note, you have to make sure that the information of the doctor that you add are real. The reason is that in the case of the long leave the authorities will examine the notes. So they must be able to call the medical facilities otherwise your application will be considered fake.

Bottom line

It is important that you are extra careful with the fake pregnancy paper because they can cause a serious issue if you get caught. Be confident in what you are doing and make sure that your facial expressions do not show what you are up to.

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