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Published On July 29, 2018 | By Rachael T. Campbell | Health

As a kid, you were always warned not to do particular stuff to keep your health up. An amusing example is when your mother warned you not to swallow a seed, or a tree would grow in your belly. All these scary tales have no existence. Most followed methods and health tips are pretty straightforward and have been in the picture for decades. Some are slightly weird and make us cringe yet they work. Such my friends are bizarre health tips that work. They might sound unhealthy, but they have science behind them.

Few here are the top ones that most of us have given in and accepted.

Drink water when you’re bloated

This sounds more like digging yourself into a hole. Why would someone jump from a frying pan into the fire? AS bad as the tip sounds, there is a reasonable scientific justification that genuinely supports the statement. Water mixes with the soluble fibre in our gut and forms a gel. The gel affects the motility of our gut and reduces bloating. Drinking more water also reduces bloating caused by dehydration. Dehydration causes your body to cling to the available water causing you to puff up. So, check your hydration levels.

Workout when you’re worn-out

Exercising is the last thing on your mind after a long tiring day but sweating it out can boost your energy levels. It is psychologically proven that mood and depression show a positive graph after a moderate session of exercise for about half an hour. Exercise ups the oxygen level and moves it more efficiently around the body making you less tired and exhausted.

Chew to stimulate your brain power

When your brain stops responding to the massive pile of work on your desk, try chewing a piece of gum instead of sipping large mugs of coffee. Research says mint-flavoured chewing gum can dramatically decrease fatigue. It is also seen that chewing gum improves test scores and memory by 30%. Start right away and ditch the coffee!

Don’t brush after eating

Wait, What? This had me scratch my head for a while before my brain registered it. We’ve been told to brush our teeth twice a day for healthy teeth, and then a change comes to state precisely the opposite. However, let me emphasise the word IMMEDIATELY. Yes, don’t brush your teeth immediately after eating especially acidic fruits like citrus fruits, sports drinks, etc. that soften your tooth enamel. Brushing teeth right after eating an acidic food can speed up its effect on your enamel and erode the layer below. Keep a safe time gap of an hour or so, before you hit the brush.

Eat more calories to lose weight

People usually cut down their intake to lose weight, but this new trend has made its way to every fitness conscious person. Carbohydrates spike blood sugar making you feel hungrier than before. A balanced amount of protein and healthy fat in your diet will increase the calorie count but help you bring faster satiety and stay satisfied for longer duration thus causing to ingest fewer calories in the long run.

Drink a hot beverage to help you cool off

Many countries like India have it as a tradition to drink hot tea even in the warm weather. Call it foolishness, but studies have shown positive impacts of the action. A hot drink on a hot day will help you cool down faster than a cold drink. A hot drink makes your body produce more sweat which eventually cools you off as it evaporates.

Wash your hands after getting cash

Specific tests have made it clear that the cash machines are as dirty as public toilets. The swabs from urban ATMs around the UK had deadly results with heavy bacterial contamination known to cause diarrhoea and other potent sicknesses. So, it’s sensible to wash your hands after a transaction to avoid ill health.

Sniff an apple to stop a migraine

Old yet gold- An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But the apple has health benefits beyond the statement. Our senses are strong stimulants, and a recent study says that the odour of green apple is a potent cause of minimising migraines. It might be the ability of pleasant scents to relax our mind and reduce stress.

Drink chocolate milk for fitness

To improve your muscular strength, it is vital to provide them with appropriate protein after exposing to the rigorous workout. Milk here gives you the constant source of protein along with electrolytes while chocolate offers the necessary carbohydrates and high sugar content to restore the lost energy.

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