What Causes Toe Pain?

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The human foot is an evolutionary marvel with a capability to handle body weight. However, the foot puts up with the most strenuous activities every day. The most neglected part of the body, is the foot that has to endure common problems of toe pain. It can be due to arthritis, bunions or any other form of an injury.

The little toe’s function is to maintain the balance of the body. The hallux or big toe provides additional leverage while walking, running or pedaling.

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Here are few things to know if you encounter a hurting toe:

Inappropriately fitted shoe

The complex structure of the foot makes it vulnerable to injuries. It mainly consists of a series of arrangement and is subjected to wear and tear every day. An ill-fitted shoe can sometimes cause more than just a discomfort if not paid attention. However, a toe pain can also be left undiagnosed. You need to check for symptoms of redness or swelling sightings as  serious conditions such as arthritis and bunions are common today.


Pain in the toes is felt while executing day to day activities.  Running, Jogging and exercising require movement of the limbs and while engaging in these, a sharp shooting pain can hint a serious condition. The pain may be continuous and appear before or after exercising. Severe pain can even limit movement of toes.

Check for injuries

A physical injury or damage to the toe is one of the most common causes of the pain. The pain associated with this is caused due to open wounds or as simple as a tone nail injury. An inflammation, burns or blisters can be signs of infections. You must be cautious of foot infections that if neglected might complicate things. These fungal infections left to become septic add to the wounds maximizing healing time.

Consulting A Doctor

Precaution is better than cure. The best way is to stick to what you’re capable of instead of pushing yourself off the limit. the toe enduring excessive forces while flexing the complex muscles is prone to many such injuries and conditions that might even require a surgery in later stages. Leveraging on regular treatments for acute strain and protection of the foot with comfortable shoes or decreasing stress on the toe can help in a long run.

In case of multiple symptoms, make a checklist and consult a physician. Treatment to most of the injuries is solved by oral medications or minor surgeries depending on the degree of damage caused to the tissues.

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