Why FUT Hair Transplant is a beneficial Technique in the Higher Grade of Baldness

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There are two techniques relevant to the hair transplant world, namely the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. Since the procedure of hair transplant goes through the 5 steps segmented in both the artistic and scientific part that needs an extreme precision and skills from the Surgeon’s side. The technique utilizes in the hair transplant procedure limited to the extraction of grafts/follicular units, but their effect extended up to the outcomes in terms of the expected number of grafts, desired hairline design as well as the fulfillment of high-density hair transplants. The FUT hair transplant is one of the best techniques in the hair transplant world that are compatible to offer the best outcomes to fulfill the aesthetic goal of the surgery. The hair transplant in India is the most selective decision because of the facilities of renowned plastic & cosmetic surgery clinics, pioneer Surgeons/Doctor and a hygienic free environment followed by the standard safety concerns and all that at a very reasonable price.

The hair transplant cost factor plays a positive role in choosing the surgical procedure in India. Everywhere in the world, the procedure of cosmetic surgery weighs a meaty amount, but in India, it is just one-fourth of the total cost applicable in the western world countries like USA, UK, Europe, and Gulf countries.

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Why FUT Hair Transplant is a beneficial Technique in the High Grade of Baldness:

  • It gives a Higher Number of Grafts:

The FUT hair transplant involves the strip excision that contains a larger number of follicular units in a single strip that is collected after the graft dissection process under the higher magnification of microscopes. The strip offers the clinches of grafts that are utilized to cover the larger grade of baldness.

  • It fulfills the need of a High-density Hair Transplant:

The need for high-density hair transplant Surgery can only be performed by the FUT technique as it facilitates the option of extracting the greater number of grafts via the strip of the skin from the safe donor area.

  • Multiple sittings are Possible

The multiple sittings of the procedure can be performed from the same donor area in the FUT hair transplant technique. The strip excision can perform up to 2-3 times in the FUT technique because a linear incision made on the safe donor area heals very quickly.

  • The Permanent result is achieved

The graft extraction in the FUT technique only targets the safe donor area that is usually the occipital & parietal part of the scalp that contains the DHT-resistant hair roots and destined to remain permanent in nature even after the transplantation to another location of the scalp or body. So, FUT technique only gives the permanent result of the procedure.

  • The Reasonable Cost

The cost of FUT technique is comparatively less and performed by the expert Surgeon as it requires both the extreme artistic as well as the surgical skills to meet the aesthetic outcomes of the procedure.


Summarizing all, we can say that the FUT technique is a better decision if you are looking for the best results of the hair restoration procedure.

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