Why you need Anavar for PCT?

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Many steroid cycles need post cycle therapy or PCT period. This is when you need to consume drugs to normalize the natural rhythm of your body. This is true with steroids that might lead to suppression of testosterone level or might be difficult for the liver. Do you want Anavar PCT regimen after you stop consuming the fat-burning agent? There are different schools of thought for this and here we will address both the philosophies.

Guide to using Anavar cycles

People believe that Anavar must be stacked with powerful androgenic steroids to give necessary results. The drug will typically be stacked with testosterone, Deca Durabolin, Dianabol, Trenbolone or HGH. It is not necessary that you will get effective results from Anavar only cycles. The drug is effective to add lean body mass at 40 mg per day. This happens without retaining water and this can used for bulking and cutting cycles. For cutting, it maintains and adds weight to users. People who use it in bulk experience better gains. If you use around 40 mg of Anavar per day, you will produce pronounced gains in strength within 2 weeks. Read below to know the instructions for Anavar post cycle.

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Why it is important to use Anavar for PCT?

Anavar is a suppressive compound but not as much as other steroids. However, it is safer to use. This is why Oxandrolone doesn’t aromatize and convert to estrogen with low doses. This hardly interfered with the production of testosterone. The higher doses of suppression of this natural production of the drug can occur and this is typically for other anabolic steroids. The HPTA is restored through the post cycle therapy, while the use of Clomid of HCG is usually not important when using Anavar at low doses. However, with higher doses, you will need Anavar PCT to prevent liver toxicity and testicular functions. However, a mild use of PCT will suffice Anavar users.

Anavar does not suppress HPTA

You must note that Anavar is used in sufficient dosages, and they will bring suppression. However, the suppression of lethargy, sex drive, and other things will depend from one person to another. There have been studies done on Anavar and that shows that low doses of the drug interfere with body’s ability to produce natural testosterone. Anavar is provided in low doses like a standalone drug, and there are no requirements to add Clomid for counteracting the side effects. This is because Anavar doesn’t convert to estrogen, and that has an intense effect on hormonal production.

When there is no estrogen to interfere with hormones, it takes a huge deal to cause side effects. However, the steroid can still interfere with the production of natural testosterone, especially at high levels. Estrogen is an important part of the process, but the androgenic action of steroids can trigger inhibition. When it is about the typical bodybuilders who use Anavar for increasing growth, it will be expected to sustain normal testosterone production and will present a challenge. Make sure you follow the right instructions for Anavar post cycle and use it to protect yourself.

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